Wood, Vinyl, and Chain Link Fencing in Dauphin

Westman Fencing can be trusted to install or repair wood, vinyl, and chain link fencing
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Professional Installations & Quick Repairs

We install and repair fences according to your needs, plans, and budget, whether you need a fence to provide privacy at your home, security at your farm, or to dress up the entrance to your business.

As contractors, we offer quality fence installations that stand the test of time. A damaged fence is not only an eyesore, but can be a security concern, or even something that affects your business by deterring potential customers from visiting your business. So, whether your fence is damaged by weather, normal wear and tear, or vandalism, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

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There Are Many Reasons to Consider

Elegant Fencing Solutions by Westman Fencing - Portage la Prairie Specialists

If you already have a fence, you know how invaluable it can be. As the owner of an industrial company, you know that fences are a must for protecting your expensive equipment from vandalism or theft. From providing security around your backyard pool to creating an inviting entrance to your business. In addition to farming and industrial applications, fencing can also:

  • Keep children and pets safely in your yard
  • Provide ornamental functions
  • Act as a wind or noise buffer
  • Indicate property boundaries
  • Provide privacy
  • Provide security

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When you contact us for a quote on your fence repair, we can offer not only a fair rate, but also a convenient and speedy fencing repair.