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We install and repair fences according to your needs, plans, and budget, whether you need a fence to provide privacy at your home, security at your farm, or to dress up the entrance to your business.

As contractors, we offer quality fence installations that stand the test of time. A damaged fence is not only an eyesore, but can be a security concern, or even something that affects your business by deterring potential customers from visiting your business. So, whether your fence is damaged by weather, normal wear and tear, or vandalism, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Farmers

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This is relatively cheap compared to other types. It is also low-maintenance, easier and less expensive to repair than other types of fences, and allows sun to shine and air to circulate. No doubt, as a farmer in one of the most productive agricultural zones in Canada, you are all-too familiar with time being of the essential and never really stop thinking about your bottom line.


Why You Should Leave Installation to Us

While it’s not rocket science, you *can* waste a lot of time and money installing a fence if you don’t know what you are doing. Sure, there is a lot of good tutorials showing how to install a fence online, but is anything ever as easy in real life as it looks online or on TV? Furthermore, installing or repairing a fence might not be something farmers have time for, homeowners have the tools or know-how for, or business owners have none of the above for.


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When you contact us for a quote on your fence repair, we can offer not only a fair rate, but also a convenient and speedy repair, whether you are in Portage la Prairie or anywhere in the Central Plains region of Manitoba.